Incessant energy.
Incredible momentum.

Who We Are

Starting out as a single company, we set ourselves on a path to becoming one of the most accessible sources of marketing technologies in the UAE.
Keeping time with the ever-evolving marketing and advertising landscapes, innovating technologies when the available ones were not up to speed, and investing in a robust business culture and providing the market with one innovation after the other, Omada became a full-fledged marketing technology group.

Today, Omada Group houses a multitude of companies that offer businesses and individuals access to the latest marketing tools; built to simplify their marketing strategies and give them ample opportunity to focus their efforts on servicing their clients.

Omada Group of Companies

Is a precise construction of tech, strategic and creative solutions, designed to digitally transform your marketing processes and provide you with incremental growth. Taking on the issues that hinder business success creatively, and with a “Different is better than better” approach, allowed us to create several solutions to cater to every possible need that you may have and to make sure that neither your business, nor ours, would ever become a “Me too” company.

What We Stand For

We stand for successful innovations that drive incremental growth; helping brands create meaning for their consumers by capitalizing on the latest trends, delivering in the moment, and providing them with new means of access.

To achieve such growth, and meaningful difference, we develop strong innovation strategies and build them from the most solid foundation of all, putting the clients and their consumers at the heart of our innovations.