Translating vision

into reality

Translating vision
into reality


Group 301

Khaled Al Huraimel

Khaled Al Huraimel, is the Chairman of Omada Group and the backing power behind the group’s vision and its values. His expertise and innovative business insights facilitated the group’s establishment, growth and the achievements it boasts today. Al Huraimel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, from King Fahd University in KSA, and an MBA from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom.
Group 300

Patrick Samaha

Group CEO

Patrick Samaha is the CEO of Omada Group and the driving power behind the success it has achieved today. Following his goal to create a company that harnesses great talent, innovates, and creates value for its partners, clients, and employees, is what led him to his current role. He is a C-level executive with a substantial commercial, digital, marketing and finance background, primarily in media and digital transformation.

Having spent over 24 years in the GCC and the Middle East working in high-profile roles, he is a solution-driven expert with strong analytical skills, always working to achieve internal and external value for his company and his team. Samaha holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the Lebanese American University of Beirut and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management, Communication and Media from Celsa Paris Sorbonne.

“Omada equals team, it is all about people.”

– Founders