Thinking small & acting big!

Thinking small & acting big!

Grow your impact

As a cutting edge incubator dedicated to social enterprise and to the development of the national economy, we have taken it upon ourselves to support impact-driven businesses and their entrepreneurs. We believe that SMEs will outperform traditional businesses as they represent a great opportunity to drive inclusion and equity in the workplace and society; both of which are core values of Omada’s culture.

We support their progress and ready the public and private sectors to receive them by providing them with services that include helping them with the business basics, networking activities, marketing assistance, accounting and financial management, access to bank loans and loan funds and guarantee programs, links to strategic partners, access to investors or venture capital, comprehensive business training programs, advisory boards and mentors, management team identification, technology commercialization assistance, regulatory compliance and intellectual property management.

Accelerate your business

We understand the journey that SME’s and Start-Ups are going through. We were once like them! Once they have proven viable and scalable, but are faced with barriers that limit their ability to last, we show up to help them forge through, not only by providing resources, but by providing them with a vibrant ecosystem that can help them thrive, and empower them to build their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Be passionate and do not compare yourself to others.